Hemant and Nandita met while pursuing their degree in fashion and hit it off when they realized they shared an immense love for the arts. Hailing from a business family, Hemant was always passionate about entrepreneurship and Nandita’s desire to vent her creative energy, seeded the bond of their friendship.

In 2004, with the ideology to be inspired by art forms and to cartel it with a contemporary outlook, the duo began their design journey. They worked their charisma over basic motifs inspired from architecture, carvings, dying art forms, and tribal culture to transform them into classic yet unique prints, embroideries and surface developments. While Hemant works towards the brand presence and business outlook, Nandita spearheads designing and other creative aspects.

Hemant and Nandita is at the intersection of design and fashion and has gained international acclaim for the brand’s creative work. The poetic and feminine style of the brand is conceptualized and created by a team of unique designers along with the designer duo Hemant and Nandita based in New Delhi,India.

They create pieces that combine sophistication with timelessness that emphasizes comfort and elegance and can be enjoyed over many moons. The sunny colors and comfortable designs attracts the free-spirited and culturally bohemian to a space reserved strictly for the quick-witted yet intellectually playful soul. In short our brand is for anyone wanting to live life with gay abandon!

The brand’s aesthetics are largely shaped by the designer’s strong Indian roots and cultural traditions. The collections express a love of vibrant colors, detail and craft, both in technique and the very fabric they work with. Their exuberant approaches to design are inspired by the beautiful moments of everyday life which in-turn encourages a personal style that radiates a dash of luminous charm.