5 Colors trends in 2022

5 Colors trends in 2022

In shopconceptbrands we just want to talk about the garments to wear during 2022, we let you know about the colors will be trending this year.

This new year has come with optimism in the fashion industry. The Fashion Week returns to be face-to-face, and the last trends came back stronger than ever, bringing that happiness and nostalgy to our days. This is undeniable in the colored grounds that are given this 2022 in its version more outrageously and exenctric, so point out  those five tones which will be the key of any look.


It is a vibrant color that gives you energy to any styling. An orange garment of any type can become in the protagonist of the look, it doesn’t matter how is to go. During the spring/fall season, which is coming as one of the best options to wear.


It is not a new tone because during the fall season of 2021, it was started to be seen. It looks perfect to combine with black, white and grey, finding their color balance, but if you are a ristaker you can bet for this block color and adding blue Klein or even green.


Green is going to wear in all its versions: from emerald to neon. It is a tone that makes perfect with brown chocolate, another trendy color and any garment that you want. The flashy version will be the most seen on the next season, but if is too much for you, you can add accesories like bags and shoes.


It is a color that either you love it or hate it, but we warn you that this 2022 you will see it a lot. It is intense, it gives you vitality and with any doubt you won’t be unseen when you wear them.

Very Peri

Pantone declares as the color of the year. In a blue tone that is combined with a red violet look more to lilac. We have seen the styling that includes this tone, and in fact we love it. Even if you don’t believe it, it has thousand posibilities at the time to wear it, it can be seen from accesories to total looks.