Summer trends of 2022

Taking notes of what is going to wear this summer 2022 to replace your wardrobe.

What are the trends for this summer 2022?

In the first place, for one more year, they are going to reuse the usual summer tones: white combinations with flashy colors, especially green. Also, sheen are introduce for the day besides the night, and stripe flashy prints and flowers.

On the other hand, the use of halterneck will be back during next season. It slenderizes much more the back to leave the shoulders uncovered. This type of cut will be seen in minimalist garment styles as in the most extravangants.

At last, it begins to wear sneakers style. It will show up features like laces, strips or velcroes in slippers like high heels. The stylist support that this type of shoes will give them a casual look to any look, and this summer trend has infinite chances to combine between them. Another trend will be clogs, it came stronger.

The way to be aware is to find people that are in the fashion industry in other countries in which this type of trends will be seen previously: fashion influencers, models, take a look in the outlined collections by the high couture brands, and finally to trust in the coolhunters and its criteria at the time to determine what are these that will be seen in next season.