Celtic Knot Rhodium | Bracelet


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Goldoni Milano

Add a romantic twist to your collection, with this eternity symbol created from a loop that has no start or finish. The intricate harmonious design with shimmering white zirconia pave lights up this celtic knot bracelet, elegantly crafted by Goldoni. This makes the perfect gift for your most important people, wether you want to express loyalty, faith, friendship or love.


  • Adjustable Size (16 – 19 cm)
  • Base Material: Brass
  • Nickel Free
  • Made in Italy
  • Handcrafted Macrame Bracelet


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Goldoni Milano

Goldoni Milano is a unisex jewelry brand, which fuses high fashion with strong design, to create an image of impeccable style. Our aim is to create high quality jewelry, which can guarantee you a long lasting experience and a way of keeping memories alive. Goldoni Milano wants to give an innovative interpretation to the classical beads and diamonds jewelry, by creating unique products that can be easily matched during day and night. The inspiration for the brand started when the owners of Goldoni Milano were living in Milan. Motivated and influenced by the uncommon style culture in the city, they decided to reflect its grace and delicacy in their marvelous collections. The city is famous for its sophisticated fashion, innovative artists, luxurious lifestyle and delicious food. It exerts an important influence over the whole fashion world. When you visit the fashion district in Milan, you feel like eating an entire box of chocolates in one bite. It is a dream that will persuade you and will keep returning for the rest of your life. To learn more about the unique culture behind our brand, go through our collections, which are invigorated with details from all around the world.
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