How to invest in a good bag

5 tips to get a quality bag

You don’t need to spend much money or to pick the most basic handbag of the store to get the right one that pairs with you during many seasons.

To invest in a quality bag is also to invest in health and headaches. The handbag is par excellence the accent of every look that we create and it is so important that can change the most basic styling in an outstanding proposal that hogs all the looks, to become a source of inspiration for your friends.

The first you need to think before you choose the bag that you want is to make clear what are you going to wear; it is not the same a handbag to go out at night that one to wear daily, neither it is the same to take the essentials to take the house in your bag. Laid the cards on the table, we bring the best tips to pick a nice and good bag, not based in a high price.

A bag that matches with anything

Is it necesary to go for the most basic sections to choose an ideal bag? NO! Don’t fall into temptation of buying the traditional black or brown bag just because it matches with all. You can find many more options than these colors that also goes with your looks and besides, being a great bet to make your outfit be the most original.

Instead of black or brown you can bet on military green, charcoal gray, beige with an special detail or navy blue. These colors never go wrong and always go well with any type of garment because they are neutral and also give color to your styling. Another option is to make a bet for multicolored or print, a big hit for its great personality; besides, it is combinable

A bag to go out and to work

The idea is to choose a quality bag that you can wear for many seasons and also, you can use in different ocassions. In other words, a bag for daily use, that also works with many night outfits. For that, you can pick a medium-size handbag in which you can carry your daily outfits, but that you can also wear it in a night look and don’t fall out of place.

Run away from microtrends

If you want a quality bag that lasts for many seasons, run away from ‘fast fashion’. This is a reality you have to be aware, and respect if you don’t want to replace your handbag right after you buy it.

Safe bag

To get a bag that goes with you for many seasons it is essential to be safe. It is useless to buy a matching bag that will compromise your belongins. Find one with a zipper safe enough and theft proof.

Take advantage of the offers and don’t spend more than neccessary

Get your discount bags! The sales season is the best time to update some garments and accessories you give more use, and it is the chance to buy them at the best price. Take the advantage of the offers and go for the bag you wanted to buy for so long, and give yourself that well-deserved craving.

How to wear them

There are many ways to wear a bag, and when we talk about the handbag you are going to use the most, it is important that you take into account some tips so you can wear breathtaking outfits without getting into the routine, and knowing in which moments it is not convenient to take it as much as you like it.