How to dress according to your body type

Define what is your body type and how to dress it

Before looking at the mirror and starting to analyze what is your body type, it is important to know that this is the one that rule your figure, which means the external and natural form that you have can be noticed at first sight. Remember there aren’t just one body type you have to belong to, we all have a different anatomy that may vary depending by the body build, height or family genes. The important is to know your body and learn to highlight your figure in the best way. Next, we will show you visually how to classify the different body shapes. This will be the first step.

How is your body type?

After defining how is your body type, we will take the best tool to take the most to all your attributes: the fashion and the right garments will help you to highlight or hide those body parts in which you want to focus.

If you have a petite body which means you are short, the best option is to wear garments that make your legs look longer, try not to use too long pants or above your knees because it will create a style sensation in the leg that make you look shorter. The oversized garments are not the best choice. However, you can help yourself by wearing prints with vertical lines, these creates an illusion of a slender body with more height.

According to the rectangle or lean column body shape, the essential is to try to highlight the waist with belts or garments like fit dresses, short jackets and straight skirts.

By having an inverted triangle shape is essential to give balance to your figure, you can make it throught volumen textures, prints that focus the attention on the hip or garments such as pleated skirts and flared trousers where bright colors prevail.

If you have a pear body shape, you should give more volume to the shoulders, we recommend you to choose any jacket with wider lapels, and shoulder pads because it gives you structure, don’t forget to always have in hand accesories that helps you to create the illusion of a curvy waist. Avoid strong colors in the hip area as trimming or flounces.

For the ones that have an apple shape, the first and most important thing is not to use extreme sizes due to fit clothing nor too much loose-fitting. Try to make the size that fits you well. If you want to hide some pounds, it helps you to use dark colors like black, that doesn’t mean that leaves the colors behind, just try to choose smooth prints and monochromatic designs.

Lastly, the easiest body to dress. Having an hour glass shape is very priviledge due to almost everything fits you well. However, it is important you have well defined the style to wear, it has to be balanced and make your attributes look right. We recommend that when you use volume in your hips, in the upper body use fit garments and viceversa, everything to make a perfect balance.