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The Mali Mok Swimsuit is designed to elevate your style with little effort on your next tropical vacation. With a traditional ethnic print pattern, it offers the perfect combination of style and function.

Now let’s find the perfect beach …


  • Two side pockets and one back with velcro.
  • 100% cotton inner label, soft to the touch and comfortable to avoid wrinkles.
  • 100% cotton outer label.
  • Handwash
  • Made in Spain


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  • Extra costs may apply depending on the local policies of your country. Unfortunately, we have no control over this.
  • All the extra expenses generated must be assumed by the client

Become the center of attention with this classic-cut, star-studded swimsuit exclusive to Malmok. Designed and made by hand in Spain in 100% polyester, fast-drying material that has proven to have the best characteristics in terms of strength and comfort. It has two practical side pockets and one back pocket.




We promised not to fall in love with the sunsets on the beaches or the sunrises in the mountains... we Failed. We need the sea because it teaches us: we are Mediterranean gourmets, who know, also enjoy a good walk among the Pines. We follow the trends, without neglecting and worshiping the Classic. We like the simple, but paying attention to the Details. We look for personality and functionality, with a touch that differentiates Us. We don't care about the place, as long as we're in good company. Simplicity. We design all our garments under this premise: less but better. It seems easy but it's Not. Elegance is in the essence, in the minimum, in the right, in the clarity, in the subtle; In short, in Simplicity. Colors. The colors are another one of our Characteristics. All our collections are inspired by memories and moments where the colors have been protagonists in some way. Colors that we transmit in our Garments. Quality. All our garments are manufactured with quality STANDARDS. All the processes are manual, which makes all our products Unique. That is why we are constantly reviewing processes. Fitting. We adjust the fitting of our garments until we find the ' perfect fit '. We have studied the measurements of the 3 types of male bodies (ectomorph, esomorfo, endomorph) to make you feel like you're wearing something that suits you. MORAL TOUCH We manufacture and produce all our garments with an ethical sense. We pay special attention to environmental development. It is our responsibility to ensure that all of our manufacturing materials and processes meet environmental standards. We also demand these standards in the working conditions of all our suppliers in order to be able to ensure an ethical purchase.
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