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Toque de Luna

The Tagua which is a seed from Colombia has been collected by local pickers and transformed with natural inks and then used for our beautiful handle. We are always seeking inspiration based on nature’s textures and earthly colors.


  • Made in Colombia
  • Handmade
  • Sustainable luxury
  • Fair trade
  • Tagua seed handle


  • All our prices are in dollars
  • Extra costs may apply depending on the local policies of your country. Unfortunately, we have no control over this.
  • All the extra expenses generated must be assumed by the client

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Today we decide inspired by Alex’s courage and boldness, to excel even with so few opportunities, Alex We are inspired by a dress of strength and courage wherever he goes.



Toque de Luna

Toque de Luna  transform recycled materials for make pieces in the hands of artisans, recyclers, and people deprived of liberty in Colombia, contributing to the creating a sustainable timeless and responsible fashion with the planet
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